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✱ Mill Cabinet Carpenters Dedicated New CNC Machine
New CNC router installed at the Carpenters Training Center in Edison NJ, dedicated to Chrisian Jaeckle.

✱ National Apprentice Week 2018
KML carpenters celebrate Apprentice week 2018 with students from the local area, in the Edison, NJ training center and the Baltimore, MD training center.

✱ UBC Eastern District Trade Show Industry Commitment
UBC Eastern District begins a new value added initiative to promote union labor in the trade show industry

✱ Union Carpenters - Millwork Training
Union Carpenter Apprentices learn the art of mill craft at the Kenilworth Training Center in New Jersey

✱ Colleen O'Neil A Success Story
Colleen, a Journeymen Union Carpenter Mill Cabinet professional, and shop foreman, a member of the "Sisters In The Brotherhood" an example of the extraordinary women in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.