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Union emblem and Label


Brotherhood Emblem

The official emblem of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America was adopted at the Fourth General Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 1884.

The emblem was originally designed by the old National Union of Carpenters, which was organized in September 1865, and the motto inscribed therein, "Labor Omnia Vincit," translated from the Latin, meaning "Labor conquers all things" and the other elements of the design such as the rule and the compass have the following meanings:

THE RULE - signifying the desire of the organization to live by the Golden Rule - "To do unto others as we would wish others to do unto us".

THE COMPASS - indicating that we shall endeavor to surround our members with better conditions, socially, morally, and intellectually.

THE JACK PLANE - a tool - emblematic of the trade.

THE SHIELD - or base of the emblem indicating that those legally wearing the emblem are morally bound to safeguard and protect the interests of the organization and its members.

THE COLORS - Pale blue signifying ideals as pure, as the clean and as lofty as the skies; while the dark red denotes that "labor is honorable", and that through honorable labor red blood flows through the veins of those who toil.


Union Label

Similar elements and symbolism make up our union label, which is affixed to quality products made by UBC members.

The Union label signifies:

Pride in our work: Declares the product is "Union Made"

Our organization: "UBCJA" is prominently featured

Your shop: Includes a unique number that identifies the signatory shop

Stability: Registered trademark for over 110 years

Check The Union Label!
Look at What You Install, download or use -
It Could Be an Organizing Drive in Disguise

Wouldn't you like your fellow carpenters to enjoy the same benefits that you get from Carpenters Local 252 membership? You can help that happen. Just "check the label whenever you're able."

Our United Brotherhood of Carpenters label (pictured above) appears only on items made in union shops under contracts that fully meet area standards. More than 700 approved users apply it to products as a symbol of quality and well-treated workers.

That's why the UBC Constitution carefully defines its use and vigorously protects its copyright.

"We want the cabinets and fixtures and exhibits we install to be produced in UBC shops," says General Vice President Douglas Banes, who oversees the label's use, "by workers who enjoy the same UBC protections our carpenters have on the jobsite."

When you are assembling raw materials or components from an outside supplier, check them for the union label. In most cases the sticker or stamp appears right on the products.

If you don't find the label, report it to your Council Representative. The rep will contact the Local Union near the manufacturer to find out if the plant or shop is under union contract. If not, the local can reach out and try to organize it.

By checking for the label, and reporting its absence to your rep or business agent, you'll give your Brotherhood a chance to bring UBC benefits to the unorganized men and women whose labor produced that very door or exhibit or cabinet you're handling. You'll be helping your fellow carpenters, and you'll also be helping your union grow stronger.