Member Rights

UBC & Weingarten Rights

Carpenters’ Bill Of Rights & Responsibilities

Carpenters believe that every working man and woman has certain rights, but we also realize that with rights come responsibilities. Our Bill of Rights and Responsibilities tells the world what we believe in, and what we are prepared to contribute.

All Working People Have The Right To:

  • A good job with benefits
  • A living wage that can support a family
  • Security and dignity in work and retirement
  • A safe and secure workplace
  • Education and training to reach our full potential

With Rights Come Responsibilities:

  • Being Productive, Efficient Workers
  • Producing Work Of The Highest Quality — Work That We Stand Behind
  • Improving Our Communities
  • Helping Fellow Workers Achieve Safety And Security In The Workplace
  • Being Active Citizens And Informed Voters

Weingarten Rights

  • Members covered by a collective bargaining agreement (contract) are entitled to
    certain inalienable rights as outlined in the Weingarten case, and referred to in
    Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.
  • If an employee is called into a meeting with a supervisor that may result in discipline,
    the member worker has the right to ask for the following conditions:
  • A Union Steward or Representative shall be present at the meeting;
  • The worker and the steward shall receive a statement of the subject matter of the interview
    that the employer intends to conduct;
  • The employee is allowed to privately confer with the Union Steward or Representative
    prior to any discussion with the employer representative;
  • If the Union Steward or Representative is unavailable, the employee can request
    a delay. If the employer denies the request, it has committed an Unfair Labor
    Practice and THEN the employee may refuse to answer.
  • It is not the employer’s responsibility to notify the employee of his/her rights – the employee must ask for union representation at such meetings. Some examples of employer questions that relate to this topic are Absenteeism, Accidents, Compliance with work rules, Damage to company property, Drinking, Drugs, Falsification of records, Lateness or poor attitude, Poor work performance, Sabotage, Slowdowns, Theft, and Violations of safety rules.