About Us

Who We Are

We represent approximately 1,500 union cabinetmakers and other industrial workers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina with the skills to produce fine woodworking and other quality products.

Cabinetmakers and millworkers fabricate and install all types of custom architectural millwork. This includes decorative elements as well as functional items such as cabinetry, trade show exhibits and displays, casino gaming equipment and furnishings, hotel lobbies and atriums, cash wraps, bullet-proof bank teller stations, and much more. We focus on quality craftsmanship, and on delivering jobs on time and within budget. Our carpenters are skilled craftsmen, up to date with the latest technology and application techniques.

Other products manufactured in shops that employ our members include commercial furniture and upholstery, prefabricated buildings, wood/composite-framed windows, hollow metal doors and door frames, pre-hung wood doors and residential moldings and trim, kitchen cabinets, and metal and carbon fiber products.


Meet the Officers

Eustace Eggie, III

Eustace Eggie, III


About Eustace

Brother Eggie currently serves as President of Local 252. He works full time for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters as the “Director of Industrial Contract Relations”. In that capacity, he negotiates shop contracts, serves as liaison between the employers and the member employees, manages arbitrations and grievances, and supervises Council Representatives that service the Mill Cabinet and Industrial Shops in New Jersey and New York. He also serves as President of the Local 252 Apprentice Committee.

The Local Union President is considered the head of the organization. He presides at all meetings, preserves order and enforces the Constitution and Laws of the United Brotherhood, and decides all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Local Union. The President shall determine all questions of eligibility for office, subject to an appeal to the General President under Section 53 G of the UBCJA Constitution. The President shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie, except in cases of a secret ballot vote.

The President appoints all committees or such other officers as may be necessary, and has the power to order the Recording Secretary to call special meetings when requested in writing by five members in good standing. He is also responsible to ensure that bonds are procured for officers and shall perform such other duties as are required by the office.

Brother Eggie has been a member of the UBC since 1973. He was hired as a Business Representative for the South Jersey Regional Council of Carpenters in 1989. As a charter member of Local 623, and throughout his tenure with the Local he served in several capacities, as Trustee, as Recording Secretary, and as the Treasurer of Local Union No. 623 located in Atlantic City, NJ. While servicing the shops in Atlantic County and 12 Casinos in Atlantic City, he initiated an Apprentice Training program for the Casino Industry. The curriculum included apprentice training and journeyman upgrade programs for hotel casino carpenters, casino gaming mechanics, upholsterers, and a locksmiths.

Jason Friedman

Jason Friedman

Recording Secretary, Delegate to Council

About Jason

Brother Friedman currently serves as Vice President of Local 252, as well as a Council Delegate. His former position was President. He also serves as a Co-Chairman of the Local 252 Apprentice Committee, representing our North Jersey members.

The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of the official duties and shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the absence of the President. In the event of the death, removal, or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall fill the office of President, until such time as a President is elected.

Brother Friedman has been a member of the UBCJA since 2/9/98. He is employed as a full-time Council Representative for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters and and served on the Executive Board of his home local, Union No. 821. He has served his community by participating in the Hike for Hunger that supports the Hands of Hope food pantry. And has proudly served as a Middlesex County Planning Board Member, as well as on the Middlesex County Board of Labor and Workforce Development.

Joseph Magner

Joseph Magner

Treasurer, Delegate to Council

About Joseph

Brother Magner currently serves as Treasurer, Trustee and Council Delegate representing Local 252. He also serves as a member of the Local 252 Apprentice Committee.

The Treasurer shall receive from the Financial Secretary all moneys collected and give receipt for and deposit same in the name of the Local Union in such bank or banks as may be designated by the Local Union. The Treasurer shall make no disbursement without the sanction of the Local Union. The Treasurer shall make an itemized statement the first meeting of each quarter for the preceding quarter, to the Local Union, of all moneys received and paid out, and submit books and vouchers for inspection at any time when called upon, and perform such other duties as the Local Union may require. The Treasurer shall be bonded as required by the Constitution and Laws of the United Brotherhood.

The Trustees shall have the supervision of all funds and properties of the Local Union, subject to such instructions as they receive from time to time from the Local Union. The title to all property of the Local Union shall be held in the name of the Trustees of the Local Union and/or their successors in office or in the name of the Local Union. It shall be the duty of the Trustees to see that the Treasurer or Financial Secretary deposits all moneys received in such bank(s) as the Local Union designates. The Trustees shall see that the Recording Secretary of the Local Union notifies the bank(s) of the names of the officers duly authorized to sign checks for withdrawals on the account, and that all disbursements are made by check, money order, electronic transfer, or other form of payment as authorized by the General Secretary-Treasurer, except that a petty cash fund for either the Financial Secretary or the Treasurer is permitted. The Trustees shall audit all books and accounts of the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer, audit all receipts and accounts of any person authorized to collect funds, examine the bank book(s) monthly, and shall report to the Local Union monthly in writing, and annually to the General Secretary-Treasurer on Bond Report Forms supplied from the General Office, and shall perform such other duties as are provided for in the Constitution and Laws of the United Brotherhood or as the Local Union may direct. Audits shall be examined by the Trustees for comparison with the Trustees’ Audits and the Trustees shall report their conclusions in writing to the Local Union and the Council.

Brother Magner has been a member of the UBCJA since 12/10/81 and held the offices of Treasurer and Conductor for seven years in his home local, Union No. 2098. He was an instructor for LU252 apprentices for nine years, and is currently employed as a full-time Council Representative for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters.